Hi, I am Laura
And I am the one behind the creation and development of the games and trainings of In Ludus
I’m a curious person and I’m one of those people who try, over and over again. I love learning and I am interested in education above all else. My curls are my personal trademark and for the last couple of years my gray hair has been appearing in all its splendor.
I want to help you, if you want of course, in this wonderful challenge of accompanying the growth of children and adolescents from the Comprehensive Sexual Education through my didactic games and a playful training proposal for professionals and families.
If you are interested in this… sit back and I’ll keep on telling you…
A little bit of history

For 6 years and back in 2009 I started to give workshops on comprehensive sexual education in an elementary school in the city of Buenos Aires. I was the principal and I worked on it based on the children’s own experiences and every year I added topics according to the emerging issues that I identified. It was not easy for the teachers to deal with these topics and they found the challenge difficult.

At that moment I realized that I needed resources, interesting activities that would help me to encourage the boys and girls to talk about sexuality. When I started, there were hardly any books, let alone games. At that time, it was difficult for me to approach topics that made them feel shy and at the same time very curious



In parallel to my teaching work, I studied a degree in Psychopedagogy .And although the career has many points in common with teaching, the contributions about learning are substantially richer. This psycho-pedagogical perspective gave me the “other piece” that I was missing: playfulness. It was in my career that I understood the enormous value of play in the learning process.

In 2015 I left my teaching job (although I worked 2 more years in a high school) and at that time I decided to carry out my own project, a venture that would promote equity and a fairer society through comprehensive sex education with a playful approach. And so Poner en Juego /In Ludus  was born.