Cíclique, the Period Game

“That Time of the Month“ , “Moon Time”, “Lady Business” and so many other phrases that need to be dismantled so that menstruation comes out of the closet and stops being a taboo. That is the main objective of Cíclique: to take the cycle out of the feminine being and of the reproductive only.

Through cards with different proposals (information, curious facts, activities and true or false), the topic of menstruation is approached with a view to diversity. It covers the whole cycle, from menarche to menopause.

It is an attractive game for all ages from 8/9 years old and up. It is suggested that both girls and boys play it. It is also a good proposal for those who are already in adulthood, to review what the menstrual cycle means or meant to them and heal that process.

Description: Board game with cards of two levels of difficulty and various possible activities. It consists of a box, a dice, 4 color chips and 112 cards (28 of each color).